Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wishful Sinking

Don't take this the wrong way but, uh... I'm kind of a bathroom nerd.  Alright, see I knew you were going to misconstrue that.  What I mean is, I'm a nerd for interior bathroom design.  Bathtubs in particular.

I would probably commit a felony--well, at least a misdemeanor--if I could sink into a bathtub right now and soak peacefully in warm water until my fingers and toes looked like raisins. 

Maybe it stems from my living in a dormitory where all the bathrooms are nearly identical and equally ugly, but I could ogle pictures of bathtubs all day long.  I love stone bathtubs and wooden bathtubs and bathtubs that are built into the floor, but I think that I will always be partial to a bathtub with feet.  Nothing beats a classic, deep tub that sits majestically just a few inches above the floor.     

I  mean, not that I'd be complaining if I got to sit around in any of these for a few hours...

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